Activation Issues

Hi everyone,

We are currently experiencing some technical issues with our website. A number of users are contacting us saying they are not able to activate ALK right now. This is the cause of the issue. We are trying to resolve this as soon as possible. An update on the situation will be posted once we have resolved the issues. Thanks for your patience at this time!

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Thanks. Looking forward to it.

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Any updates here? This is a long time to be unable to activate my ALK


Same issue here… I can’t even turn on the trial…all I get are three red dots.

I wanted to buy alk2 but the webpage seems down? I can’t even activate the trial. It’s been two weeks like this already. Any response soon?

stil activate key doesn’t work…

This is a bit of a disappointment given how great the workflow looks. Looking at the forum feedback despite how awesome the software looks, theres no way id want to pay money for it.
Ive been trying to activate for weeks without success. If thats a recurring issue then dont have the trial require online activation and give people 30 days from activation. My trial has been running out and ive never even launched the software.

At least your trial is working…I can’t even turn that on.