Add option to set input source to loop recording to be before or after the effects chain

Allow user to select an option to record a loop using either the currently specified signal source, or after the effects chain. In other words, allow for recording a clean input signal, or the effected signal.

For static loops, this could save on cpu resources because you would be looping the effected signal instead of the clean signal with constantly applied effects.

Have the system auto disable the effects chain after the effected signal has been recorded and is playing back (or we could manually do that now using the control tracks).

Thanks, Greg.

Hey Greg,

This is something we were discussing recently as an option for further optimisation of ALK. Definitely something we would like to implement, although we would prefer it to work a bit more intelligently than this. Imagine: ALK looks at the arrangement and if your loop is a static loop which isn’t automated for a while it renders out the loop audio post FX, shuts down your plugins which are no longer needed until there’s a change in the sound, and simply uses that post FX rendered loop. Apply that logic automatically to a whole session and you start to see real results in terms of CPU. Its quite similar to track freezing that you see its other DAW’s.

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Sounds great! Thanks!

If you can get it to work like this, then :kissing::ok_hand:

Any progress with it?

Not yet. Our main focus right now is bringing ALK to Windows.