ALK 2 After freeze, note stops working + more

Hey there,

I bought a new laptop with a high end cpu, and it also shows that I have plenty of room left (around 20% usage with 5 midi controllers).
When i’m playing 1 note with serum or using Manipulator+ Addictive Keys, it goes up to around 50%. When I use 2 or more notes, it spikes to 75% and if I hit 3 notes, my sound freezes, pops and crackles, and the notes I pressed at that moment stop working.

The only way to get that note working again is to restart zenaudio.

I’ve played with buffer size (512) and sample rate (96000), and this is the only way to get no latency and minor glitches.

I’ve never had any issues with these plugins on FL Studio, but this is because there is an option “Enable threat processing” which improves the performance alot.

After this bug happened, a couple of minutes later, zenaudio just quits (the screen doesn’t even turn white, it just simply goes away, it does make a backup before that).

Next, alot of times I change a setting/option in Zenaudio or Sensory Percussion, zenaudio freezes and shuts down (zenaudio not responding).

I really hope that these issues can be solved. I’m really looking forward to use this software alot, but right now it’s too unstable. It even crashes when I launch the software around 60% of the time. Restarting, reinstalling all didn’t help.



P.s. while writing this, I tried relaunching once again, and now I have 81% cpu usage without touching an instrument.

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