ALK SOLO Looping ... pretty much unusable

Now that the ALK developers have released a beta fix for the OpenGL issue I’ve finally been able to create a looping arrangement. (Thanks BTW for getting this fix out.)

I am a SOLO customer. Now that I’ve finally successfully created a simple Command Capture loop I don’t understand how the SOLO product can be usable since the ability smoothly exit a loop has been disabled in the SOLO product.

I have watched your tutorial on how to loop, and it specifically describes using the MIDI event to terminate a loop after the loop completes.

I did not appreciate that this feature is not included with the SOLO product.
The SOLO product specifically states that “audio looping” is included. (That’s really all I needed at this point.)

I’ve now found this line on your product page.
“Quantized Command Automation triggering (MIDI trigger of command waits until end of measure)”. NOT INCLUDED.

As a new customer trying to experiment with live looping, I don’t think I should be expected to connect that this means that the SOLO product effectively does not support looping.

I am hoping that you can revisit that decision. Without the ability to exit loops the SOLO product is nonviable.

You might need to provide some more details on what you’re trying to achieve.

In ALK, the concept of audio looping is the Record loops (red) and Play loops (green). Where you can loop your original recorded loop any number of times with the Play loops (even non-continuously).

The tutorial you posted is for a different kind of scenario where you might want an undetermined/spontaneous time period of playing over the same section of a song. So with ALK Solo you can still ‘Loop’, but it will be on the pre-determined time line.

Thanks for responding. Yes, you are right. I’m trying to implement “live looping” like with a BOSS looping pedal, etc.

I want to arrange my audio tracks, and be able to loop over sections of them as described in the “looping a section of a song” YouTube tutorial.

ALK uses the term “loop” in two different ways. They describe “clips” as loops. Almost everything referred to as a “loop” in the ALK documentation I’ve seen called a clip in other documentation.

Then they describe replaying a section of a song “n” times until triggering an exit event as “looping” of a section. This was my goal for practicing “live looping”.

Without the ability to loop over a section of the ALK2 session the application simply becomes another DAW. The Record some audio. Cut. Paste. Paste. Paste. Etc.
That really isn’t “live looping”. Sure, ALK2 makes the process a bit more dynamic by scripting the “record” loops, but it is still pretty static.

Based on the product demos the live looping over the section is what ALK2 is supposed to be doing. The document clearly indicates that the application is geared towards spontaneous live performance.

The tutorial I referenced discussed how to do exactly that. The strength of ALK2 is in its ability to script live loops. That’s a pretty cool idea. Then via the “Command” track define triggering events that allow for spontaneous real loops of the scripted arrangement and GOTO points.

The gotcha here is that the SOLO instance of the application disables the ability to exit the live loop. OK. Sure. So you can actually exit the loop, but not gracefully.

Without the ability to exit the loop and seamlessly continue to the GOTO point, then the application is just another DAW…

So that’s my use case.


Thanks for the details. I used the full 30 days of the demo before purchasing, and went with the full version due to all the limitations with Solo. Maybe there are simple use cases where Solo would be fine, but it seemed far too limited to even consider.