ALK2 crashes after importing 64 WAV files into project

I have worked around many issues in this serious trial to see whether this software can be purchased (MIDI problems, SAVE/RESTORE not working) but now it seems like I have hit the next limit … and I have no clue whether there is any way around it ???

After importing 64 WAV files, importing any additional WAV file crashes ALK2, independent of file or file size. This must be some dimensioning / memory problem in ALK2!?!?!?

So I’m about half way through a show setup and stuck (at 11 of 23 songs, needing only about 5 audio tracks, which will loop live content or play back pre-recorded material). Not asking for a lot here, except that WAV files meanwhile amount to about 4 GB …

… which made me realize the next issue: All WAV files seem to get loaded into RAM because ALK2 memory requirements are HUGE - it eats up 5.6 GB of RAM (while Ableton needs 178 MB of RAM for exactly the same content - yes, I’m evaluating both in parallel :wink: )

On the studio workstation I got 16 GB of RAM, hence it still works but on the live machines I don’t carry that much around !?!?!

I really had my hopes up for this tool - this is the 100% match of what I was looking for - but it seems to be seriously lacking under the hood. I’m curious if anyone from ALK development will read and respond to these issues …

I’ve read your previous posts regarding the issues you’ve encountered and figured I’d chime in.

It does seem like you’re looking to do far too much with ALK2 alone. It has no built in media player or features that go along with that, only an import feature. As a result, it makes little sense to use it in the way you’re trying to use it, since there are many other applications out there that you could link to and accomplish the task far easier with far fewer system resources.

I do a one man band show, with Vocals, 2 acoustic guitars, electric guitar, bass, e-drums,and various keyboard vsts, along with some media player features for in between sets. I run 2 instances of Gig Performer, which contain all the plugins for all the instruments and vocals. I rout all of that to ALK2, and using only the automation and MIDI triggers for various tempo and other changes in my instances of Gig Performer and the built in media player there. My ALK2 never goes over 8%, and since I’m using the built-in media player of Gig Performer to deal with the wav and mp3’s, memory issues are non-existent.

I’d suggest looking at other apps to supplement what you’re trying to do in ALK2, and use ALK2 for what it does best, rather than trying to make it your end-all, be-all application, for which it’s obviously not designed for on a large scale.

Thanks for chiming in. I had a look at Gig Performer. However, that is not what we are looking for. It seems to be VST plugin host and controller rack. We do not use any VSTs live. We only use live instruments and hardware synths.

What I’m primarily looking for is the advanced looping capabilities that ALK2 promises i.e. take multiple inputs, buffer live played sections (~loops) and play them back later a predefined times (once or several times)… which is I believe what the ALK guys call scripted looping … apart from that I do not need much (send max. 10 MIDI messages per song to call presets on external hardware) and play back a backing track (or 2-3) which would be pre-recorded loops.

Going by that definition, this should be something that ALK2 claims to offer - and apart from Ableton no one else is offering that. I have also checked on tons of hardware searching for such features (looper boards, samplers, etc.) as I wanted to avoid the issues that happen when pushing software to the limits …

Most of the difficulties I encounter are due to having to mangle an entire show into one ALK2 project, which is an idea that I don’t like at all, but it was a suggested (official?) workaround for the missing playlist feature. I know this is asking for troubles and I have given up on that approach albeit advertised.

If I could figure out a simple way to load up songs into ALK2 via MIDI triggers, then I could create simple projects with little content, fast loading and low CPU utilization … well, I got 8 more days on my trial license to see if I can get there …

Any suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

Yes, I would say that the biggest issue is trying to cram everything into one ALK2 project. As you’ve found out, that’s not feasible for anything but the most simple of rig configurations. The lack of a setlist feature (to easily load ALK2 projects within the software) is the single biggest hole in the software, and there is no easy solution to it at present.

Dragging project files into the active ALK2 window is the easiest way, presently. I can open files with batch commands and/or MIDI triggers (going through a variety of hoops), but that opens new instances of an ALK2 host along with it, and that’s not what anyone wants.

If you’re willing to work within that limitation, ALK2 would be able to do what you want it to. I’d still be looking at another application to use for any media player files/functions, and use MIDI commands from ALK2 to trigger them. It’s not set up to purge memory well at all, so the best option is to not put anything there.