ALK2 Doesn't Save File Correctly

Still in the demo. This has now happened twice and burned about 3 hourrs of my time:

I’ve set up a template that works. Each time I program in a new song, I open the template file, save as (new title) and start from there. It’s worked 4 times now with the same template

I started a new piece. It’s long - about 250 measures. I programmed the entire thing, continually saving as I went. All looked fine. I closed the file & program.

Today I opened the file and the piece was only saved up to measure 193 and changes I had made to an earlier section were all gone. It was like an hour or more of my work from yesterday was gone.

Today, I made a copy of the shortened file with save as, with a different name. I programmed in the rest of the song and the changes to the earlier section that had all been lost. I saved continually. All looked fine. I closed the file, reopened it and the same thing happened again - all the work was lost.

There is one caveat: The name of the piece is Plié, so it uses the e with the accent over it. Oddly, ALK2 renamed the piece “PlieÌ”. I tried to rename the file to it’s original name and open it that way but then ALK2 crashes when I try to open the file.

Has anyone had this problem, is there a fix or a workaround?

Thank you.

I think the product is no longer supported or in development !

Hi @jackostrato I have replied to you via email.

Hi Tim, if you are having issues with ALK2 please feel free to contact us at