ALK2 keeps crashing


I’ve upgraded my OS to 10.11.6 on my iMac. I’ve run the installer for ALK2. When I try to open ALK2 (demo), it starts to load all of my plugins but crashes each time it gets about 50% through the VST plugins. Then it won’t open at all until I restart my computer. I’ve trashed all my old, unused plugins. I’m have Digital Performer and Protools on my computer which both run fine and I don’t want to eliminate the plugins.

Is there a way to open ALK2 and bypass loading the plugins?

Thank you

p.s. - I’ve written 2x to support at and gotten no response at all. I just wrote a 3rd time and the email was returned saying it was undeliverable. Any ideas?

Hi @jackostrato. At the moment, when ALK2 opens for the first time it begins the initial plugin scan. If there are problems scanning one of your plugins it may cause ALK2 to crash. The next time you open the app it skips over this plugin and continues the scan. The process repeats until all scannable plugins are scanned.

We’re working on streamlining this process in order to avoid these crashes in the future.