ALK2 not there yet - sorry

I thought I drop a note to development before I walk away.

In the past month I did a lot of ALK2 testing to see whether we could use ALK2 as our live work horse, yet the verdict is that it is not ready for prime time. This is a shame because it is exactly what I was looking for …

Here are the biggest gripes (and if development is serious to go after these issues, they will find detailed info in my other posts):

(1) Save/restore not reliable: A project that works now could be corrupted after the next edit or clip import. It’s unpredictable and unreliable - especially as ALK2 rewrites e.g. MID files even if you just open the project! Not seen that in any other software!!

(2) Handling extremely cumbersome: MIDI message can only be implemented via using pre-prepared clips but every import of a clip adds 2 additional tracks which have to be deleted manually afterwards. Hence, setting up a song takes ages if you require some MIDI triggers for external gear … and soon afterwards it is corrupted (see point 1 above).

(3) Everything is loaded into RAM, which (a) limits how many WAV can be used in a song and (b) much worse, leads to very long loading times. Even a short 4 min song using 3 WAV files already needs about 20 seconds to load from new SSD drives (!!!), other DAW software like Ableton (which is not the fastest either) loads the same song setup in 6 seconds because they stream from disk!

20+ seconds is not usable for live shows, even if you ever get around to implement a playlist (which I did in BOME, so no need for it anymore, that’s done and working)

BTW, the ALK2 did not run at all on the powerful i7 Live Laptop (50% CPU without song loading, every mouse click taking 10+ seconds), when loading the new beta at least this issue was gone …

I will keep an eyes on ALK2 to see if development does come out with regular improvements, but until then it’s Ableton. Stability and reliability comes first in live environments, haven’t found that here. Sorry!

I can understand you and feel very similar to you. I really want to use ALK as my Main DAW (yes, it´s possible, IF… the system is stable, reliable and fast). And that´s not the case yet. The company is very kind in person of Robin but feels like a hobbyist project. I also look for alternatives (but I love ALKs interface and simplicity), but cannot use all of my plugins and have crashes etc. in ALK)

It´s a shame… If the next update (when does it come “very soon”?) will not iron out the bugs i will be gone…

(2) is very annoying and it should not be hard to change this behavior. Please adress this!!!
(3) is very problematic. Right now, I have a project that takes forever to load (or save or to add a new instrument). I’m running the beta version.

Thanks for your feedback everyone. Most of these issues we are aware of.

We have a huge backlog of fixes and adjustments to work on at the moment. Once this crucial fix for Windows users is dealt with we’ll be swiftly moving onto issues like these.