Alk2 on Macos crashes after trying to open a file

Hi. First of all: compliments on ALK2. Great piece of software.

An important issues I stumbled upon today:
I saved a project. Renamed the file (spelling mistake). Copied it with the Finder to the icloud. Then started up ALK2 and tried to open this project, but it crashed immediately. And the weird thing is: when I tried to open the original file, alk2 also crashes. Even after restarting my iMac.

I renamed the file back to its original name, and fortunately it loaded in alk2. So no stress, but still I though you Zen audio guys liked to know this one.

Gr, Jeroen

Hope someone can help

Hi, I am a happy user of Alk2 and am preparing a big show playing 7 different instruments + vocals alone.

I use an iMac with 32 Gb RAM and it works fine. But no Catalina, I avoid to update this 2015 computer and I never connect it to Internet, plus I unbaked all automatic update. There are issues, though, like crashes doing certain things, like what happened to you. Try to save your work often, make copies on a hard drive and/or on the cloud. I encourage you to continue and let’s all hope that a new update comes soon.

Until zen :joy:, let’s learn what manipulation to avoid. So far, I have never encountered a problem in playing back. Fingers crossed ;-).

I love this program!