Allow any track to play back any recorded loop from any track

Currently, it appears you are only able to play loops that were recorded within the same track.

Allow the ability to play loops from other tracks by selecting their unique name.

This could be advantageous for vocal harmony tracks for example. Record the original lead vocal phrase. In a separate track, loop that same original phrase but pitch shift it and add different EQ, reverb and volume settings to place the backing vocals behind but supporting the lead vocal; all from the same lead vocal phrase.

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Agreed. Would be a very nice feature. I think that could be doable.

A work around is to create an audio track with input from the microphone and outputs to other audio tracks which can then have differing effects on (including pitch shifts). Simultaneous Record Loops should be created on all tracks. Make sense?

Thats a cool idea Martyn! I will have to try that. Nice work! :wink: