ANNOUNCEMENT: ALK v1.0.24 Released

v1.0.24 is a bugfix release, which addresses two issues that were raised by @aure - thanks @aure for reporting! ALK auto-updates, so all you need to get the new version is to restart ALK.

  1. Audio waveform rendering bug which caused a crash in following circumstances

    • Importing a song-length audio file (i.e. reasonably large)
    • Clip Loops set to on
    • Play Offset set to negative value (i.e. shift waveform to the right)
    • Zoom into track in question at the beginning of the song.
  2. Bug which caused the timing of tracks to be incorrect if

    • Loop Clip is off and
    • Play Offset is negative.

Both bugs have been fixed. We’re sorry that the bugs were in the code!