Hey everyone!

Here’s a full-list of updates regarding the v1.0.28 of ALK. If you have any feedback/comment, drop us a line below!


  • Always audition while recording
  • This feature gives more fine-grained control over how auditioning occurs during a performance. While the default behaviour is for auditioning to be automatically on during live performance, this switch allows you to turn it off.​​​​​​.

  • This can be useful if you record the same signal to two tracks simultaneously but only want to hear one at at any given time.


  • Audio waveform rendering bug which caused a crash in following circumstances

  • Importing a song-length audio file (i.e. reasonably large).

  • Clip Loops set to on.

  • Play Offset set to negative value (i.e. shift waveform to the right).

  • Zoom into track in question at the beginning of the song.

    • Bug which caused the timing of tracks to be incorrect if:
  • Loop Clip is off and.

  • Play Offset is negative.

    • Open Recent submenu in the File top-level menu.
  • Now lists any files you’ve opened recently

  • Multi-loop and/or region selection:

  • Now, the items will remain selected and allows you to click/drag and move them again.

    • Miscellaneous fixes:
  • Crash in copy/paste code.

  • Clear recently opened files bug.

As always, ALK auto-updates, so all you have to do to update is restart the app.