Audio Keeps Going Mute

I am running on a PC with a Thunderbolt UAD soundcard. I tried a basic setup with two Amplitube sessions and an Addictive Drums session with a 512 buffer setting but I keep having to reset audio because it stalls out. Any suggestions on how to prevent this from happening? Increases the buffer size seems to help but latency becomes an issue beyond 1024.

The audio dropouts are indicative of an inconsistent connection issue.
Check to see that the card is seated properly.
Do the drivers need updating?

Other DAWs seem to work fairly seamlessly with the same setup.

Downloaded and installed latest UAD Arrow drivers. 3 tracks with Amplitube and Audio Card goes mute. Preferences->Audio->Reset Device gets audio back but a few seconds later same thing. Conceptually looks like the right design but at this point unusable given issues.

Well, sounds like everything is in order.
What’s the CPU usage with 3 Amplitube tracks running?


It starts to stutter, spikes to 90-95%, and then disables the audio.

I think something might be happening with your Amplitube, because when I loaded 3 tracks of it with intensive patches, I was around 45%.

Either way, getting up to 95% is causing the crash, for sure.