Audio Output - Is there a way to select/configue 'Master'?

Hi! I’m just trying to find my way around ALK2. Very pleased so far :slight_smile:
But one thing I find very inconvenient is the fact that I have to select my audio output for every single track. It’s preallocated with ‘Master’ - which always seems to be Output 1 & 2 of your audio device.
I use the RME AIO card (Windows 10, ASIO driver) - and for output the SPDIF connections only - which are stereo out 7&8 - I figured that out - I deselected all other audio outputs under ‘preferences - audio’ - but still every track has the output ‘Master’ by default and I have to manually select my SPDIF/7&8 output. Is there a way to get rid of the master output - or configure it - in my case as output 7&8 of my audio card?!
Would be great and so much less hassle.

Thanks a lot - and a great weekend to all of you.
Happy Looping!


Hi Stromfire,

this is currently not possible - Master always defaults to the first two outputs of the interface - however we agree that it would be useful to be able to choose and we will implement this in a future update. Thanks for your suggestion!


what about the metronome ? its always on master but where is the option to have it in my headphone only and not on the speakers ? thank you

Hi, you can delete the master output in the track panel and send to whichever track you are using for your headphone mix, or direct to whichever channel you’re using for your monitor.

hi thank you so I need to find out what the track panel is :slight_smile:
also when is set list coming ?

set list coming any time soon ??