Auto Fades to Play Loops (FIXED)

It seems to me that the green ‘play loop’ mode doesn’t add small fades on its edges, causing clicks in some cases…
Is it possible to add those in default (or an option in the preferences…)?
…usually, a 4 milliseconds fade in/out does the job, removing clicks


Hi @yehezkelraz! Welcome to the forum, and thanks for using ALK! :slight_smile:

For anyone else reading, @yehezkelraz is a seriously gifted musician with a very sharp mind. Check out his soundcloud! :slight_smile:

(Actually, that makes me think that we should set up a thread that just links to people’s music…)

With regard to your comment: ALK automatically fades and crossfades with a length of 128 samples which is equivalent to 0.2ms. Perhaps this is too short, although I find that I don’t get clicks.

One question: do you get clicks when you have a Global Loop (it’s the white loop-like thing where the bar numbers are), or does it happen even when you are using ALK in a linear fashion?

In any case, yes I could add an option to the audio settings which allows you to control the crossfade length.

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Thank you, Martin! <3

Oh, weird. 2ms should be fine…
I tried looping (recording, then playback) from another audio track with an imported wave file on it - and I got clicks. But now you mentioned it, I don’t remember having it with an external audio input…

Please, let me check that again.

Ah ok, so the clicking occurred on an imported wave file. That’s important information, because basically in order do fades “right” you need extra material on either end of the clip. ALK guarantees that by actually beginning to record slightly before and ending recording slightly after the end of the loop.

But we don’t do that processing for imported loops, the idea being you’re supposed if you import a loop it should have been set up to not click. But I actually looked at the way Ableton does this recently, and they introduce a fade within the clip. I obviously thought of doing this but I was worried that that too would lead to artefacts (namely that if you have a pad or a sustaining sound then you will here a short part where the audio becomes quieter). However, I see now that this is preferrable to clicks.

What I’ll do is add those kind of fades and give you a per-loop option to turn it on or off – obviously only for imported clips.

I had this issue with my short loops as I described in my bug report last night. I had one-beat record loops, and I strummed a chord just before the start, and held it through the recording. Then set up play loops of, say 8 bars with the 1 beat looping through it. There was usually a noticeable click when the play loop started, but there seemed to be less as they repeated through the play loop.

yes. that exactly, @simon.
@seertaak - I didn’t mean clicks with imported files, but when i recorded small loops from one track to another (in that particular case, it was from an audio file on one track to another track…). Defiantly clicks on the recorded loops…

Ok, thanks @simon and @yehezkelraz for the extra info. Unfortunately I didn’t get around to it today – things have been a little busier than usual because I’m getting married soon (5th August – there will be lots of live music, including a performance a duet including yours truly and my to-be wife using ALK!)

Also, I’m currently working with an awesome ex-Ableton guy to a) implement OpenGL so as to run on more targets than just post-2012 Sierra macs and b) to improve stability and architecture in a few places. I’m looking forward to the dividends this will bring.

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Congratulations! Also, to correct my info, i listened to my clicking file, it actually was happening not just at the beginning of the play loop but all the way through. It was hidden by a hi-hat…

Thanks! Will check this out tomorrow but if I don’t head to bed soon I’m afraid the wedding won’t happen :wink:

Guys, sorry for the delay in looking into this. After some testing I’m able to reproduce… which means I will find a fix, soon :wink:

This is our problem. From the looks of it it’s a bug either in the loop playback code or in the node that crossfades. By the way I tried changing crossfade time to 2048 samples (= 4.5ms at 44.1KHz and there’s still clicking).

I’ve pushed a new release to address this issue - v1.0.37. Hopefully this fixes the issue for you!

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Hi there, I noticed tonight that I’m getting clicks when recording from one track to another… Is anyone else getting clicks still?

Hi ludicrouSpeed,

Where exactly are you experiencing the clicks? Clicks and pops can also be caused by setting your buffer size too low, putting a greater load on the CPU than it can handle and thus causing pops and clicks.