Can Oflaz - High And Dry (Radiohead Loop Cover)

Hi folks, here’s a quick video share while we are working on the new release of ALK2!

We’re very excited to announce the release of our latest artist collaboration with Can Oflaz. We have been working with Can on his live looping performances with ALK for the last two years, on stage and in video sessions.

See him here performing Radiohead’s “High And Dry” with ALK2 in our old Berlin office Noize Fabrik last year. The video was finally released a few days ago.


Very excited about an update!

Here’s what I really hope for:

  1. the ability to turn off monitoring altogether, as this creates a horrible phase sound and/or feedback. The workaround (creating control regions that mute the track(s) which is/are recording) doubles the amount of time it takes me to create an arrangement.
  2. fixing the CC and MIDI output. At present, as soon as I add more than one region, the other doesn’t work. This would be great!

Keep up the good work!

Very excited about you all keeping up the work on this. My music life went on hold while I moved etc., and now more than ever I’d love to be able to work up some sets for some (eventual) shows - even if it’s just to the neighborhood all distanced out. This software is magic and I can’t wait to dig back in and especially to see what the new version is all about. Thank you. This matters. Now more than ever.

nice video. is there a release date for the new ALK version? Last info we got was “very soon”…

Come on guys :slight_smile: this is the most creative tool I ever worked with. Because of its great GUI and its limitations in deep editing (think that´s good) I want to use it as my main DAW, if stability and plugin errors are fixed…

Hi @mfkne, we should have a new version available in the coming weeks. I’m not able to give a more specific time frame than unfortunately.