Crashes regularly

having issues with the software crashing after getting a few tracks rolling… hmmm…
running ios 10.15.3
2016 macbook pro
13 inch
intel iris graphics 550 1536

surely this should be good right?

Yes, unfortunately… same here. Prevents me from using it as my main tool.

Hopefully this can be addressed. This could be a disaster if performing live! Has this happened to anyone?? Just curious …

Could you try the build mentioned here?

Do you have a MacOS build?

Right now I’m using the trial to see about purchase. Which link should I use?

This one.

(The trial is like the full version.)

thank you for the link, sorry but I do not understand how to install this link when I click I get a folder that contains different things that I do not know, what to do next?

I get a message saying that I can’t open Microsoft Windows applications are not supported on this device. I have a Mac…

Could we please get confirmation back from the dev team as to whether there is a macOS version of ALK that attempts to fix crashing problems? I have tutoring clients who are having this problem. Without feedback with some guidelines to either fix or work around this, I will have to drop ALK as a teach-to app, which would be a shame.

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The answer to your question is in this forum post.
Scroll down and you’ll see they are weeks away from a Mac release.

program also crashes on mac, if i rename a project file in finder and then try to open it with ALK. I really have to rename it to the original filename and then save as new project name.

Also program crashed when I simply wanted do duplicate a short .ogg-File in the playlist. Happened every time.

Tracks automatically mute when adding some plugins (especially compressors). You hear sound again when deleting those plugins (this relates to many plugins…).

And so on…

strange behaviour… and not very trustful…

After the long period of stagnation, leaving us users dealing with bugs and uncertainty… you will have to deliver (soon), people from zenaudio…