Deleting and going back from VSTs

Thought of another thing:

UX/UI-wise, the biggest thing I notice (this includes the latest release of course) is the action of testing out effects and synths:

When you try some effect and go back, you don’t go back to the track, you exit out to all tracks, then you have to click on the track you were working on again. It’s annoying every time. Bread and butter (someone may have mentioned this before).

I find that a lot of time is spend doing that, and also deleting effects. But I often miss the target when I try to delete a VST. I think I’m there as I quickly cursor there but actually the delete red x animation didn’t actually show up by the time I click. And a misfire means the VST screen comes up, which means when I go back I go back to all tracks, which means I have to click the track again, and try again to hit the delete correctly. See what how this can be a problem? It happens all the time to me.

Maybe make the delete button fire-area (whatever it’s called) bigger. And back should be back to the track, not out of the track.


Yes, this is a known issue with the post OpenGL build. We’re actually working on a comprehensive fix for this and other track panel issues. I expect that in the next couple of weeks we’ll have news on this front!

Right, so we already improved this for the mute, solo, audition, and option menus for tracks (amazing what a difference it makes, actually :slight_smile: . The VST selectors will get a similar treatment.

Nice! Thanks for that.