Display not updating while high load

I have updated my computer. Now ALK runs with 50% load while not doing anything (the Task-Manager states 50%, while ALK measures itself with 1%).
Whatever I do, there’s nothing updated on the screen (removing a track, starting playing) within a reasonable amount of time. I tested by deleting a track, and it finally disappeared after 51 seconds, possibly that I counted to slow and it takes a timeout of 60 seconds.
It looks like the core-ALK is still running, while the display is running wild.
I have already removed the current configuration and restarted it again, but it is still the same. There are no dump-files.

Any hints?

Hi @rjung,

We are currently experiencing some graphics related issues on a small number of machines. Are you experiencing any lag in ALK2’s interface?

Hello Robin.

Well, I click something, and it takes ~60 seconds before getting an update on my screen. I’d not call this lag any more.
Additionally, the load is really high without anything really been done.


Thanks for your info Rainer. We’re taking a look into this issue which seems to occur on some machines.

Is there any effort?
I still have the issues.
Anything I can do to help you solve the problem?