Doesn't work trial registraction

I took serial number.
I enter it to the first field on page “Begin Trial”.

After that I see second page “Activate” (it happens after pushing on the button activate on page “Begin Trial” ).

And I am trying to set the same serial number. But doesn’t happened. No errors no messages. Anything.
OS: Mac Catalaina 10.15.2 (19C57)

May be because you have expired ssl key on website and program can’t connect to license server?

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I’m having the same issue, and I’m on Windows - so I would guess their registration API is going through the expired zenaudio domain. (or another domain they renewed at the same time)

Looks like the SSL certificate expired on the 3rd of June, it is now the 9th.

When a certificate expires on your primary domain, it’s a “drop everything and fix” event. A few hours is not great, let alone 6 days. That’s 6 days where any potential customers cannot trial the product!

It’s logical to assume that there are currently no hands on deck at zenaudio. Smells like abandonware, which is a shame really.

In a way I’m glad this happened now before I bought the product.


Hello, same issue here on Windows 10 with a full licence (I bought in 2018 for Mac and now I switched to PC). Lets wait…

Same thing with the Mac version

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“If you’re experiencing technical issues with ALK, the right place to communicate your problem is via email, to where one of our team will be available to assist.” is there someone? can’t activate the trial key… will it be same issues if we buy it 150$ ? the key will do nothing and the support will stay silent ?