Enough is enough: Fix it or Sell it


I’ve been using Zen Audio ALK since around 2018. When I first came across ALK I fell in love. It was exactly what I had been looking for as a solo musician. I spent countless hours setting up my songs, getting the flow right, adjusting levels etc. Although there were bugs and hiccups (Midi notes holding too long or getting stuck for no reason, random crashes, Midi parts randomly getting quiet etc….) I was promised these things would be fixed, just be patient. I was also assured many other things were coming - Set lists being one I was excited for so I could switch songs easily. I was happy to support this project as it was exactly what I had been looking for.

Then development for Mac was put on hold since they started making a Win version. I understood they wanted to expand their customer base and understood that it was gonna take some time to get some fixes/features I had been told to expect. That’s fine, they’re a small company and I was more than willing to be patient.

It’s now late Sept. of 2020. If I remember correctly, the last update I received was in 2018. No Setlists. No Bug fixes. No improvements. Just the same thing I had when I first bought the program. I’ve seen the posts on this community board complaining about all these things, and I’ve seen Robins responses: “They need a new programmer, as the original one left - They got their old programmer back - Now they have plans to get things rolling out, like virtual instruments that come with ALK (Side Note: I think we want bug fixes, not for you to waste your time making VI’s that most of us already have) etc etc… Don’t worry guys we’ll update you soon, just be patient!”

Now today I go to install ALK on my new computer so I go to their website and their certificate has expired. I download my paid copy of ALK, install it and go to activate it. Nope you can’t activate the program you bought. So I come here and read some posts from people who haven’t been able to activate since June. Fucking June! It’s still not fixed. No one is saying anything from the company. I can’t even use the program I’ve spent countless hours working with cause no one is home that runs this shit. (Yes, I saw Robins response saying they’re looking into the activation problem… months ago.)

I’ve been understanding. I’ve been patient, but this is just getting absurd now. Here’s my solution: SELL THE FUCKING PROGRAM TO A COMPANY THAT WILL DO SOMETHING WITH IT! Maybe Ableton would love to add this to their suite of things or something. I don’t care, I just want this program in the hands of someone who will actually do something with it. Please Zen Audio, stop stringing along your supporters with promises you can’t keep. I understand life circumstances change; you don’t have time to upkeep this; maybe you just simply lost interest. For us musicians that have made this program a central part of their music, please do the right thing and get it into the hands of somebody who will give it the love it deserves. Thanks.

PS - I’m sorry about the negativity, but I honestly love what this program has done for my music and creativity. I just want it to be the best it can be. I appreciate everything they have done with it so far, but the lack of communication and the lack of development is just too much. They need to do something now.


So many of the users here agree with you.

@Robin-zenAud.io Would you and Martin consider selling the rights to the app and site? Please respond in private for price negotiation. I am quite serious.

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My advice is to sell it before another DAW company “Sherlocks” it. Hands-free looping capabilities are already being scripted in other apps by users. Zen has the best interface and has put so much thoughtful craft into the workflow I would love to see it win, but the window of opportunity will eventually slip away.

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HI Sirain,

I totally agree with you. I have a set working right now, but I can’t change computer, it only works on one. I tried Ableton and others, but as long as it works, I will use Alk2. The day it doesn’t any more, I’ll switch, but @Robin, please do something with it, sell it to somebody that cares and tell us where we can get the update. Or maybe you are dead…?! Does somebody read these posts? Can sombody tell us what’s going on?

So much in agreement. Please please let this project find its wings elsewhere. It’s such a great concept and so many people want this capability. Please don’t let it die with your commitment to it. Pass it on, there must be someone who will revive and improve it!

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