Feature suggestion: Count in and arming tracks

I like a count in to start the song (click or visual) to anchor myself in the tempo. Currently I am doing this by starting the tracks on the second measure but that seems less ideal. I’d prefer to just have a configurable beat count-in that is not part of the actual arrangement.

A while ago I used a line 6 product, I think it was called Rifftacker, that had a cool feature where you shanked the guitar for 4 beats and it interpreted the input as tempo and also started the song. That seemed like the most natural way to both start and set tempo that I’ve seen thus far. I think it also had an arm mode too to start recording.

Hi Doug,

A count-in seems like a worthwhile addition to the app. I have added this to the list of possible future features.

In terms of using guitar shanking or another ‘audio transient’ set the tempo and then begin recording, it definitely would be nice to have a more tactile way of beginning performance in the app. Users would have to be aware that any imported audio material (not recorded live) would then be time-stretched to this new tempo, but as our time-stretching algorithm sounds quite smooth I don’t think this would be so noticeable if your new tempo is +10 BPM or -10 BPM to the original tempo. Definitely something we are talking about :slight_smile: