First loop set and follow song tempo

Hi, this is my first post…
Just bought your software and it’s full of great ideas.

Don’t know if you have a roadmap to improve your soft but
“First loop set and follow song tempo” with a midi trigger to start/stop record would be a game changer feature.
Ableton Live has something similar in his looper tool, you need to define the loop length before (in bars), and all the song follows the first loop tempo after recording … up to me it’s more powerful than any “tap tempo” or non musical metronome.
Long life to Zenaudio ! you really deserve it.

Thanks for your kind words neilerua. Indeed we have thought about this and its definitely something we’d like to implement in a future update.

I can’t give an exact time scale on when users will see this but we will no doubt make some noise once this feature is out.

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