Hanging MIDI Notes on Inst Track

Using Mac OS 10.14.6 & happening with both AU and VST virtual instruments, I am constantly getting MIDI notes stuck after only a phrase or two played. This happens no matter what virtual instrument I am using. (Native Inst, EastWest, etc). So far, the only way to stop the note from playing is to turn off the Inst track, which makes the software unusable.

Otherwise, I LOVE this software–Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I think there are some known issues with Note Off messages being missed - there is a thread about issues using midi drum pads and missed/hung notes.

I can also add that I am experiencing this myself. I am using Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2 to convert my guitar to a midi controller. If I attempt to play chords I get hung notes frequently. Particularly if I am still sustaining at the end of the record loop, it will hang some notes.

I tried to investigate a bit and recorded the midi controller data to my DAW and ALK simultaneously. Whenever I got a hung note and looked at it in the DAW midi recording, it was always where there were two identical notes and where the second note had its Note On message at exactly the same time as the prior note’s Note Off message. I have also tried using some midi filter plugins that fix overlapping notes in case that was the issue, but it hasn’t helped (https://code.google.com/archive/p/pizmidi/downloads).

I opened some of the midi files that are saved within the ALK project file (on Mac the song file is just a folder that stores the audio and midi files). I found that the stuck notes had a zero duration (both note on and note off messages were on the same tick).

So hopefully it is an easy(?) fix for ALK to ignore these or set a minimum duration (user definable maybe).
Because I’m using Jam Origin’s Midi Guitar, it actually has custom scripting you can do as a way to create your own midi plugins. I found a sample on their forum which filters out notes with a duration less than a set threshold. This has greatly reduced the stuck notes I was experiencing.

Hey, thank you for your responses–I too am hoping something can be resolved quickly regarding this bug. Having just found the app & begun my trial period, it is one of only a few bugs I’ve discovered, albeit a live looping show-stopper.

My notes hang usually a couple of takes into practicing a song. I’ve only had a single MIDI instrument playing at once, with no other MIDI data being processed simultaneously. I’ve found that turning off the instrument track each time before performing the song has almost eliminated this bug, but that is hardly a solution when needing to trust your entire show to this software.

As I’m looking through the Community posts on here, I’m noticing there are relatively few and far between. I’m wondering how committed ZenAudio is to maintaining (and supporting) this software long-term? Seems to be a dream solution for my setup, but not sure how lucrative this market might be to facilitate frequent updates. My hope is this company is in it for the long-term–This software is GENIUS and solves many problems like nothing else can.

My 30 day trial is now expiring & still no fix for the hanging MIDI notes or any word on if this will be resolved in the near future. According to my developer friends this a fairly simple fix, so I am guessing you guys aren’t actively working on this app as a “front-burner” venture.

This is a real let down & rather perplexing, since you guys are obviously spending money on advertising (YouTube) where I was introduced to your product. This is brilliant software but is rendered useless if I can’t rely on it to perform live, which is your #1 selling point.

Please keep me updated if you guys do an update down the road, but for now even the Black Friday discount can’t justify spending $99 on a product that doesn’t live up to your claims. Sorry guys, I wish you luck and am hoping you will fix this critical bug soon. It would easily be worth the standard pricing if I could rely on it.

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