Hanging MIDI Notes While Recording on Instrument Track

Mac OS 10.14.6 on Mac Pro (black trashcan one). Using Apple, EastWest, Native Instruments, WAVES virtual instruments.

Getting hanging MIDI notes pretty often when performing, during a Record Region. It seems to happen once every other time I practice a performance. I have tested this using AU as well as VST virtual instruments from a variety of developers.

I cannot find any workaround for this behavior, but I am copy/pasting what seems to be crucial info from Community user “frappers” on the Community board re: “Hanging MIDI Notes on Inst Track,” which may lend a clue as to the underlying issue:

“I tried to investigate a bit and recorded the midi controller data to my DAW and ALK simultaneously. Whenever I got a hung note and looked at it in the DAW midi recording, it was always where there were two identical notes and where the second note had its Note On message at exactly the same time as the prior note’s Note Off message. I have also tried using some midi filter plugins that fix overlapping notes in case that was the issue, but it hasn’t helped. I opened some of the midi files that are saved within the ALK project file (on Mac the song file is just a folder that stores the audio and midi files). I found that the stuck notes had a zero duration (both note on and note off messages were on the same tick).”

Hopefully this helps you to troubleshoot. Very excited about this brilliant software but this bug is a literal show-stopper. Otherwise, things seem to run quite stable on my system. Thanks

Hi @backwoods,

This is a known issue with some MIDI controllers, generally percussion controllers. We looking into a fix of this issue. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for responding. So far, I have only used a EWI midi controller so far with ALK2 so I can’t attest to others at this time. Seems to be a relatively minor (yet critical) bug fix–Are these critical bugs being actively worked on? And is there any rough estimate for completion? Thanks for the info