Has anyone had success with ALK2 and Superior Drummer 3?

It is not the issue speciffic to roland. I have Black Hawk HXD III e-drums and the issue is the same. This issue is not specific to BFD or Superior Drummer too, because I use Slate Digital SSD4 and SSD5 (vst and au versions) and it is the case with every configuration (I checked it with windows and Mac, because i’m very stubborn and it is my goal to make it work.

By the way Slate Digital SSD5 vst has a free version with one drumkit, so everyone can try it out (no expiration date).

I tried almost everything:

quantization on/off note repeat on/off
Windows version of ALK2
Mac version of ALK2
Factory e-drumkit reset
Changing midi mapping in e-drumkit
Changing midi mapping in SSD4/SSD5 vst/au versions
Changing midi input devices (straight USB connection with e-drums, using midi-usb roland device, connecting via midi cable to my midas mr18 mixer-interface)
changing buffer settings
changing kits in e-drums

If I manage to get it, I will try it with some other e-drums module. And report the effect.

every other audio software on windows mac and ios (ipad and iphone) is working with this drumkit correctly (reaper, logic, cubase, mainstage, garageband)

I suspect it could be an issue with note-off midi communicate (but it is only one of my speculations), because if You take a closer look at ALK2 when drums are in midi-recording state, You will see that notes are changing it’s duration, like You would play a note on piano and hold the key. From the time you hit a drum, the graphic note representation in ALK2 is getting longer and longer, even when You not playing anything. It is also strange, because even when ALK2 is done recording and it pass to Playback state, the note lenght is still getting longer and longer (it is changing its duration even in playback state and You can see it on Your own eyes. If what i suspect is true, software could be “thinking” that for example one snare hit is lasting (with no end) to the end of track, so You can’t really hit it again, because the note is still on. I think that could be the case. I dont really know why the note is changing it’s duration in playback mode too.

Take a look at midi notes:

In the picture above the problem starts in playback state, but very, very often it occurs just after a second of recording, and lasts till the end of the track. Unfortunately this issue occurs just every time i try to record e-drums with midi and use vst to trigger samples. So I can’t use my excellent sample plugins, i’m obligated to use e-drum sounds with analog 6.3 big jack connection. Poor sound :frowning:

I have to ask, why has this issue not been addressed yet?
I just purchased ALK2 for Windows and am totally dismayed that I am unable to use my Roland TD-25 kit with any drum vst’s (I use SD3 primarily, but it occurs in my other drum vst’s as well) in any meaningful way. Dropped notes all over the place, no ability to play a drum roll—it’s terrible. I’ve tried both the 5 -pin MIDI and USB midi, identical results.
I use this kit and vst in Cubase 9.5, Gig Performer 3.5,Studio One 4.0 with zero issue.
The lack of response means you’re telling drummers that they can’t use VST or MIDI for live performance, which given the nature of this product seems ridiculous.
I have checked the response of the kit MIDI in MidiOx and the NoteOn/NoteOff messages are occurring just fine with every single hit.
Can someone from ALK2 please give an update as to what they have investigated and found so far?

I really wish this worked. Alk is exactly what I want. But as a drummer I can’t use this program really as intended.

Hi @Ed1

We are aware of this issue which is to do with the timing of note on and off messages created by MIDI percussion controllers. It’s on our to-do list but currently we’re still working on issues with the latest update of Windows 10 which is taking priority right now. We’ll announce once we have a fix for this.

Fair enough, thanks for the update, Robin.
I am enjoying ALK2 otherwise, and look forward to the updates as they come available.

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So, in 2020, we have news?