Help needed to get ALK2 running on new Thinkpad + Windows 10

I was so excited about ALK2 coming to the Windows platform that I had bought the software already 3 months ago, although I did not have the computer yet to get it run… And there it is, ta da, a nice Lenovo Thinkpad T470s with Intel Core i5 @ 2,6 Ghz, 12 Go RAM and an integrated GPU Intel HD Graphics 620.
I have already installed Cubase 10, it is running fine. Presonus Studio One is also running fine.
But I cannot get ALK2 (v. 2.2.5) to run. The installation went well. until I launched the software. I first got an empty white screen, with just the menu on top (ALK2/file/Window/Help). It took some time for a black screen to appear, asking me to choose between “begin trial” and “activate”. First I coulnd not click on anything. At least not immediately. But again, with patience, I was finally able to enter the activation code.
After many tests it looks like that some actions in the software get lagged. Everything is slowed down to a point that it seems frozen. There must be a conflict somewhere. I tried to check the settings. I noticed that the Audio Driver (curently “Windows Audio”) should be set to ASIO, but I cant get the drop down menu to open.
The Task manager does not reveal any touble with the computer: no high CPU load, no high GPU load, no heat.
At this point I am stuck and would appreciate support from anyone who might have faced (and solved) a similar Problem?

Managed to set the driver to ASIO with the correct audio interface. Still facing the same issues.

I finally re-installed Windows 10 from scratch and could run ALK2.
I do not know what had caused the software to freeze. I suspect a driver update, but cant tell which one.
A small comment for the software programmers: a change of the buffer size (latency) is not reflected immediately by ALK2. For exemple : from the ALK audio settings page I call the ASIO application and I select 128 samples instead of 256. I need to close ALK2 and open it again to get the correct number displayed in the ALK2 settings.
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Thanks for the input Darius, and happy to hear that you’re up and running.

Yes, better to keep all your drivers up to date. Hope ALK brings you many days of enjoyment.

Same Problem here. Any ideas besides reinstalling Windows?
I have no idea how to reinstall without probably hurting my other software.
Love this SW but need it on my Thinkpad…

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I have the same identical issue on a HP Elite X2, I believe it’s a software problem but I cannot really reinstall W10… any other solutions? I really need to have it running !!

I wish I could help you but I did not find the reason why ALK2 was freezing on my Thinkpad. After re-installing Windows it worked (and still does). I understand that this is not an option for you.

I had a trial version running on my old laptop without any problems.
Now that I purchased a full version and installed it on my brandnew Laptop (Lenovo Yoga C940, WIN10 pro) I am facing exactly the same problem. Cannot get it runnig.

Hi Jonny,

Please email us at with your crash reports and we will look into this.

hey there, I wanna buy the full version but cannot get the trial to work on my Dell G3 15 windows 10. is there anyone suggestions? I see this thread goes back 5 months now, im hoping the remarks from zenaudio help pages have fixed these problems ?