Hi guys. Still no playlist?

Unfortunately, I had to abandon my plans for using ZenAudio live because there hasn’t been an update for playlists, which is really the only way I could use it.

I love the idea of it, but I bought a Headrush Looperboard which gives me all of the basic functionality I need from a hardware looper, but not as much as what I could get from Zen.

I haven’t given up on Zen, though. Would love to visit it again once the playlist functionality has been implemented.

Best of luck to you, and I’ll be watching.


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Totally agree with you. I am also disappointed that we are still waiting for the playlist feature and I already bought the full version on the expectations that it would be added soon, as promised in the video over a year ago!

Come on guys. At least give us an indication of when to expect it.

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I’m in the same boat. I don’t want to be negative because Iove the concept.

I did a post a while ago encouraging some transparency about what’s going on but that doesn’t seem to have worked. It’s clear the Windows version has not gone well, and all the new features are waiting for that to be fixed.

I’ve gone back to other ways of working. It’s sad. I’m not sure the originator of the software is still involved, we never hear from him.

Are you sure you can’t work without the setlist feature? Take a look at the video below. This worked for me. I even think it’s maybe better than a setlist feature once you get the hang of it.
But yeah, i’m absolutely on the same boat. As a professional working with Zenaudio i really would love to hear when the next update is coming or at least why it’s taking so long. It’s very annoying that i can’t send Midi PC’s to guitar pedals and synths for example…

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Thanks for the reply.
I saw that video when I first bought the software, and my thought was…
“OMG! WHAT A PITA! Glad a setlist will be coming soon - no way I could build sets with that method the way I would need to”.

You’re also right - there needs to be an easy way to send CC’s and PC’s via MIDI to external gear. I think I was able to do it by making a MIDI file in a different DAW and importing it - but that’s another work-around.

Haha that’s exactly what i thought. But as i said: once you’ve set it up for one Song it’s easy to reuse for other songs/parts. Even changing the order isn’t such a big deal: You just have to adjust the “JUMP NEXT” Function.

Hi All. I’m also trailing ALK and noticed this (not yet implemented feature). Has anyone been using launcher apps for a workaround?

I am on Mac and the app Keyboard Maestro allows you to create keyboard shortcuts to open individual files. It also includes an on-screen launcher which would provide a simple way to open songs.

To have them launched by my midi controller, I found a free app that can map an incoming midi message to a keyboard shortcut: midiStroke. So the combination of these two apps allows me to switch songs with my midi controller.

The midiStroke is an old app, so there might be something more recent. I’ll post back if I find anything else.

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And instead of needing to use my midi controller to trigger the song change, I was able change song automatically in ALK by including a midi CC message in a midi track at the end of the song, which outputs to the midi loopback bus, which in turn triggers the keyboard shortcut and song change.

With a bit more experimentation, for Mac users, the app BetterTouchTool (BTT) seems like a good all-in-one option.
In addition to everything else BTT does with mouse/trackpad/keyboard/drawing shortcuts, it includes ‘Midi Triggers’, where you can directly map incoming midi messages to an action like opening the ALK song file. So I’ve tested it and it works perfectly. They can be triggered from my midi controller or from the midi track in ALK.

Another feature of BTT is to customise the MacBook Touch Bar, so you could even create Touch Bar buttons to open song files. Or use the iOS app to open songs from your phone! It has a 45 day trial : https://folivora.ai


Hi guys,

We’re still in the process of hiring another developer for the company. At this time we’re reviewing applications. I totally understand your frustration that things have been slow. Yes it’s true that the Windows version of ALK has caused some headaches but we are persevering. Once we hire and train a new full time developer things will start to pick up again.

Also, for sending Program Change and CC messages out of ALK to external hardware, we have a simple utility that can be found in the right-click menu of playback loops on MIDI tracks:

It could probably do with a more full-featured update but hopefully it’ll provide some basic functions to those of you wishing to control hardware instruments or effects.


Hi Robin. I had some issues with the CC and PGM feature you mentioned.

  1. I have to add a midi filter plugin to restrict the outgoing messages as by default it sends a message for all 16 channels, which for my purposes causes issues.
  2. I had instances where the setting I chose from the menu stopped working. And when I checked the menu again the CC or PGM was no longer selected.
  3. I had instances where ALK2 was sending a continual stream of midi messages out even when the transport was stopped. This caused my external software app to freeze up.

EDIT: (3) was caused by the Midi track having the default input of ‘All Midi Inputs’ so it was causing a feedback loop. Easy fix!

EDIT: (2) There is a bug where if you create a play loop on a midi track and set the ‘Add CC or PGM Message’, but then create a second play loop, it will remove what you had set on the first loop. If you then reset the CC/PGM on the first and second loops they stick, until you create a third play loop and it again removes your setting from the first 2 loops. I’ve replicated this every time I’ve tried.

Thanks for reporting. We’ll take a look at this.

i have the same problem :confused: It makes it almost impossible to rely on this feature in a live context.

My trouble with the video @andryy linked is that it works fine for a few songs, but when I get up to 5 or more ALK2 just starts chugging and can barely play it anymore (at least not well enough to do live). Not to mention the visual nightmare of all those tracks. Most of my songs are just a few, but they add up. Plus, I’m working on songs in separate files, who wants to work on a single file with their entire setlist on it? Which means I need to copy everything over.

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Dear zenAud.io Team,


Oct '19

Thanks for reporting. We’ll take a look at this.

I’m currently evaluating the software and just ran into this bug, which is an ABSOLUTE SHOWSTOPPER.

We control all outboard FX over the entire show via MIDI messages and need to be able to rely on them triggering 100% of the time after being set and tested once!!!

Seeing that this was reported in Oct 19 doesn’t give me much hope for having this fixed :frowning: which is a real shame as I was so happy when I finally discovered ALK2 after literally weeks of researching manuals and videos looking for hardware samplers with similar options only to realize that there is nothing out there capable of doing this …

Supposedly, Ableton Live can loop like ALK2 … so I might have to take the Ableton road despite more cumbersome setup and no panic mode :frowning:

An option that does work (although adding to the setup time) is to create simple midi files in your DAW with the required PC or CC messages and then add them to a midi track in ALK.

Interesting … I just tried that exporting the clip from Ableton (containing only a prg chg or a single CC for switching external gear) and it did not work … it gave me 2 new tracks which were empty … will have to try again double checking first whether Ableton exported a proper clip …



An option that does work (although adding to the setup time) is to create simple midi files in your DAW with the required PC or CC messages and then add them to a midi track in ALK.

Sorry. I cannot get this to work with the current ALK2 version, maybe you can elaborate???

MIDI files from Ableton did not export CCs properly, so I created some using Sonar (which used to be an excellent MIDI DAW). Files I created import perfectly back into Sonar (CCs etc. even MIDI channel)

However, in ALK2 I seem to get another MIDI track (which is empty) added for every MIDI event unless I have MIDI notes in the MIDI clip (which I don’t want as I need to work with prg chg and CCs).

I got no further ideas on what to try with ALK2 …

I use Reaper as it’s easy to create a blank midi item and then use the event editor to add the PC or CC e.g. just right click on the event table and ‘Insert new event’ and chose from the drop down.

When you drag them into ALK it creates instrument tracks. I move the midi items to a ‘Midi’ track that is set with the relevant midi output device.

These are sample .mid files with PC0,1 and 2 messages.

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Thanks for your info! This helped so much to figure out what’s going !!!

Still it’s a bit of pain … first of all, my MIDI files were type 1 and only type 0 is supported (unfortunately mentioned nowhere in the manual) … next, the MIDI file has to be EXACTLY as your reaper MIDI example i.e. you need that notes off statement in there otherwise it did not work, neither did it work with additional info that a MIDI file may contain …

I eventually found a utility to convert MIDI to ASCII to read what is really inside the file, delete the stuff that is not supported (most of it, actually) and convert back to MIDI type 0 … and that I need to do for every MIDI ctrl event (plus deleting 2 redundant tracks everytime I import into ALK2) …

At least it supports the MIDI channel in the file, which allows me to remove the MIDI filter plugin …