Hpd20 keep looping on instrument while selection another

Hi, I’m new to ALK,
I have a HPD-20 (handsonic)
it’s percussion pads and there are a lots of instruments on it.
I’m able to record a instrument and loop it.
I would like it to continue looping while i’m selecting another instrument, however when I change instrument, the sound I recorded changes too.

setup :
hpd-20 plugged in laptop with usb cable
headphones on the hpd-20
midi track : input : hpd-20 / output : hpd-20

Thx for helping :slight_smile:

The problem may be that you’re sending midi back to the hpd-20 to play the sounds. So when you change instruments, the midi being sent back can only be played in the current instrument you have selected.

Could you use its audio outputs to record audio into ALK instead?
Otherwise you may be better off using plugins for your sounds rather than sending midi back to your controller.