I can't seem to get my mic and guitar in


I recently got ALK2 Solo and I am trying to set it up and I am having an issue getting my guitar signal in. I have a soundcraft 12 mtk mixer plugged in via usb and when I go through the options of inputs there only seems to be mic ins. I can’t figure out how to get a line in to plug my guitar in. The mic seem sto work just fine. I could mic an amp but ideally I would like to be able to switch from guitar to bass as I build tracks. Any suggests of things I could try?

Have you used the mixer as an interface in other apps and had the line ins working correctly?
In the ALK preferences and audio settings, do you see all the mixer inputs listed?
Are you planning on using guitar amp/cab simulator plugins in ALK?

Screenshots are always helpful if you can post them.

It has worked fine for me when using Cubase. I was planning on using amplitube as my amp simulator.

The terminals say Soundcraft USB Audio ASIO Mono 1, Soundcraft USB Audio ASIO Mono 2, etc up to 14 and then the same thing except stereo. I have an xlr out of my mic in mono 1 and the guitar i1/4 into the line in on mono 2. I have tried the line in on other channels as well with no luck. I get a signal from the mic on all the channels I have tried.

Seems like you’re doing everything right using mono 2 in ALK. Have you inserted amplitube on the audio track in ALK and activated the monitor icon so you can confirm you hear no audio? Also does the mixer line ins have an ‘instrument’ setting as guitar DI needs to be boosted a lot more than normal line in levels.

So I ended up scrapping the project and started a fresh one and it seems to work now. I am getting the guitar in just fine. I guess it was a weird glitch. Thanks you the help.