IMPLEMENTED: Apply button for changes on audio settings

I wish you a lot of luck. I think it’s a really interesting approach. Quite different from the stuff I use everyday (Cubase, Logic, etc.), and that is why I bought it. Something that forces me to approach a creative problem differently will encourage approaches/solutions that are different! Looking forward to giving it a go sometime this week. :slight_smile:

BTW, just an FYI: disabling audio i/o is kind of painful. After each click there is a 2 to 3 second pause + beachball while the input or output is disabled. I have 22 stereo (and 44 mono) inputs and outputs, so this results in a rather long process. (It’s mostly the outputs I am disabling.) Is there a way to just check/uncheck boxes then hit an “apply” button so that the changes can be applied in one go?

I know…you just put it out and already you got somebody asking for changes…. :slight_smile:

My system btw: MacPro 5,1, OS X 10.12.5, 64GB ram, 3 motu 828mk2 interfaces (in an aggregate device).



I’m jealous of your setup! 64GB RAM… luxury :slight_smile: I’m not familiar with motu 828mk2 (I tested with Babyface, Fireface, and Saphire and obviously the lowly in-build audio chipset), but it sounds like a beast!

About your feature request: I’ve implemented this change, and pushed it out as v1.03. Your version of ALK will auto update; you can verify that the version has indeed update (it obviously needs to download the new version in a background thread), by checking in the “About” global menu option. The new version has an Apply button on both the input and output sides.

Hope this helps,

Wow. Thanks loads!!

If I can be helpful in any way, please let me know.

Thanks again!

P.S: The 828mk2 are really nice but older MOTU FW400 interfaces. You can get them for a steal on eBay these days. RME interfaces are fantastic…