Is this software still available?

I never received the e-mail allowing me to download the ALK2 Trial. I would like to give it a try if the project hasn’t been abandoned.

Thank you!

Hey Mike, I just downloaded the trial yesterday and got my e-mail pretty instantaneously. Have you checked your spam folder maybe? Or perhaps try a different email address?

Nothing in my spam folder, and I received two other auto responses to my inbox right away. I will try signing up with a different email address to see if that works. I’m not going to spend much more time on it until I confirm that it hasn’t been abandoned. Thanks for your response! Mike

I received the email right away with a different address. Unfortunately, I have an older computer running Windows 10 and the program won’t even run. Off to find another option.

It won’t run if you don’t have an audio interface installed and connected. There are also some graphics requirements that need to be met. You need to read all the system requirements listed to make sure your computer will run it.