Licence clearing

Hi !
am a Mac user (BETA tester for a paid licence :wink: ) and I just bought a new MAC.
No problem to activate my licence on my new machine, but do I need to clear
it on the old that I am going to sell ? And how ?

Hope an Hexa core i7 will be enough…
Really hope you’ll be able to drastically improve ALK, that is a really good software,
but that need to be rock solid, and CPU lighter. For the moment, it wasn’t worth my 99€…

You should consider us (the people that trust ALK, enough to pay for it) as an opportunity for your promotion in the future. So please make ALK great !
I am a bit active in the Audiofanzine french community, and I cannot say to people asking for ALK “yes, you should buy it”. Impossible.

You don’t need to think about ANY new feature, you just have to IMPROVE/FIX ALK as it is. When there will be thousands of video performances online, you be able to think about it.
MOA22, a potential ALK daily user.

By reading my text, I am pretty sad. No happy at all to to be so tough, just because I know that is a small company, that has to deal with many issues.
The purpose of that text was to help you to consider the small Alk community so they’ll become supporters.
We just need to know if it is possible for us to hope that ALK’ll we’ll be more that a brillant idea. The concept you was able to build is really a game changer. Really ! Sorry to be so tough, I know you wasn’t there just to take our money. Long life to and Alk ! MOA22


Absolutely agree with you :slight_smile: