Live Mic Running with a Live Recording Set

Hi all

I’ve done some research and found there is no option to allow ‘auditioning while recording’ and I was hoping for any assistance for a work around. My vision was to have the first track be an always active Mic track for my lead vocal and then simply automate it to be silent when additional harmony tracks are auditioned through the same mic.
Currently, the only work around I can think of is having a Record Loop run throughout the duration of the track…

I imagine there’s a logical work around I’m simply not seeing and would be very grateful for any assistance.

Thanks for any help!

Sorry - just to clarify, I’ve seen in the tutorial that extending a record loop is the recommended method, I am just curious if a direct playback can be tweaked as a means of improving performance and unneccessary storage of clips.

Unless ALK2 is like Ableton and deletes any unused clips that were created in the session?
I’m assuming all recordings save to the hard drive permanently but I could be incorrect here.

Thanks again!

It’s been 7 months, but in case you’re still wondering, as soon as you record over a clip, it’s gone. Doesn’t waste space, but there’s no way to get it back so it’s good and bad. I’ve decoded the ALK2 file format and can confirm that each take overwrites the previous one on the same recording clip.

Hi @jcgurango. This is true once your project is saved, however ALK does store the last 8 takes as clips while the project is running. You can access the previous clips by right-clicking on a record loop.