MIDI input delay with Lauchkey mini mk3

Hello everyone
I downloaded the demo version of Alk2 for evaluation. I was trying with my midi keyboard but the sound just arrives with a quite big delay from the moment i press the key. Enough to throw the whole performance off tempo. Is there something i’m missing?? Anyone else experiencing this problem?I’m using a Novation Launchkey mini mk3 as a MIDI controller.
Needless to say this problem is very disappointing!

Under Preferences>Audio, what is the Buffer Size you’re using? Are you using ASIO?

It’s 512.
Using ASIO

Lowered it down to 256 and that solved it. Thanks a lot. I’m a very beginner in this field, i feel like i should have figured that out :slight_smile:
Care to explain what i just did with that?

Thank again!

I’m glad that it worked!

Buffer size relates to the amount of time you let the computer process the sound.

With live playing, you want the buffer lower so as to negate the latency between playing a sound and hearing it. If it goes too low though you’ll start to hear audible pops–the sign that your computer is struggling to keep up with processing the sound. Finding that sweet spot is what you’re looking for—low enough that there isn’t a delay between playing and hearing, and high enough that your machine can handle it without being overworked.

Hope that helps!

That was very helpful.Thanks a lot!

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