Mix Window Workaround

Hi All,

While we wait for the updated version of ALK 2 I was wondering if anyone had a workaround for mixing (software side, not hardware based). In the absence of a Setlist feature and a Mix Window, my solution has been to create separate alk files for each song. The only problem is that your mix may change from song to song this way.

I considered mixing at the input stage per gig, but this can lead to balancing issues with reference clips (to be used in Panic Mode) given they are set based on an input mix at the time of recording.
I’ve noticed that iZotope have a free visual mixer, which relays all channels to a single plugin for visual mixing, however these cannot be stored as templates (and as such, cannot be recalled across alk files).

Does anyone know of a mixing plugin that could achieve this?


I was able to route ALK through to reaper using blackhole. This gives me the ability to route 16 channels which I can then independently mix in a familiar DAW mix window, as well as easily create separate monitor mixes. There doesn’t appear to be any latency either!
I can then apply audio plugins in reaper (to those tracks with consistent plugin settings) and independently switch ALK song session files (given they’re all created from the same template which has fixed routing) without affecting the master live mix.
I think this is a good workaround in the absence of a mix window/set list. It removes stability issues with hosting plugins also (however, you lose the ability to automate those plugs) and allows songs to be contained to their own all session.
I look forward to when ALK is at a stage where I can forget this whole process, but for now this is my solution.



If you were also running the Reaper transport there would be some possibility of automating the plugins in Reaper. Might get difficult/messy very quickly though to keep things in sync.

There is a Melda plugin (MCCGenerator) which will generate CC messages. I only did a quick test, but I was able to add this plugin on a Midi track in ALK and have the midi track output to a virtual midi port (I’m on Mac so use the inbuilt IAC Driver).

I can then use an ALK Control track to draw the automation curve of one of the parameters in MCCGenenator, which then sends out the CC values via the virtual midi port.

This CC could then be received by Reaper to control any plugins. The nice thing is that the automation curves are stored in your ALK song so should be easier to manage versus trying to manage them in Reaper.

Thanks for the suggestion!
I tried to load an instance of MCC Generator but I can only apply it to Audio or Instrument tracks (AU, VST, VST3). I am running the latest version of ALK on a Mac (probably something to do with Catalina?).
I also tried a remote control from Blue Cat Audio, but had the same problem. Is there anything I might be doing wrong?
I suppose another challenge is that there’s no way to sync the clock of ALK with Reaper either which complicates using time based effects!

Oh, there’s another ALK bug. First add another plugin to the midi track, and then go back and access the plugin list - you can then magically access additional plugins! I think that will do it (I’m not at my computer to check).