Monitoring Issue

Hi All

I’m likely being redundant here, so apologies, but before I start tweaking every one of my song files, I’d like to get a consensus.

What is the best way to be able to monitor my guitar playing directly, as I record/perform with ALK2, without getting phasing against the loop that’s being recorded? Must I assign a volume control track to every audio track and duck each loop while it’s recording, then automate the volume up for the same loop when it’s playing only? Is there any other workaround?

ALK2, Focusrite Scarlet 212 v3, Macbook pro

I personally use an assigned AUX out on my mixing table and turn off all monitor buttons of all instruments on the ALK2 tracks. I must say that I do not use zhe MASTER output, but I have a 22 track mixing board and I assign a specific OUT channel to each track, like if I run a band. Works fine for me. Ah, do not forget to have a lot of RAM and set the buffer size to 96 for minimum latency