Motu M4 Hail Mary

I understand this is most likely a scenario I have to deal with, but I own a Motu M4. I got it because of the 4 inputs (so I could use 2 mics, 1 guitar, 1 keyboard (MIDI)).

However, on the audio input, I see I can either choose Motu 1&2 or Motu 3&4. So it appears at first glance, I can only use 2 audio inputs and MIDI instead of the desired 3 audio inputs and MIDI.

Am I missing something in the audio setup that can fix my issue or do I need to think outside the box (such as having the 2 mics go into the same channel but use a gate so both mics are activated when singing)?

Thanks my peeps!

What does it look like under Preferences > Audio > Input?
Can you select the individual channels there instead of the stereo pairs?

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In the hierarchy, Where you choose the device for audio. I can delete either Inputs 1-2 for Motu or Inputs 3-4 for Motu.

Once I choose either 1-2 or 3-4 in device, the in the terminals windows I can choose either 1 and 2 as mono or 1&2 as stereo.

Does that make sense?

Are you using ASIO?
Would love to see a screenshot of that hierarchy.

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You’re a genius. My settings were on Windows Audio, I switched to ASIO and now I have access to all audio inputs. Available in mono or pair stereo pairs.

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