MPE SUPPORTED! [was: MPE support! please]

There is no doubt that an MPE compatible instrument like Linnstrument (I have one myself) is born for live performance. So Please Add MPE Support.

Hi @Andrew.J, sorry for the late reply – we’ve been pretty busy with the new release of, which I’m happy to report is slated for next week!

With regard to MPE, I agree it would be a perfect fit for ALK. In fact, I think JUCE, which is the library we’re using for a lot of the audio duties, exposes MPE functionality (after all ROLI, the company that makes JUCE, invented MPE!), so it ought to be reasonably simple. Hopefully sometime in the next month I’ll get a free weekend (modulo kids and wife – goes without saying) to make a deep dive into that subject matter.

Hi @Andrew.J – look at our most recent purchase… time to do some MPE research. No promises, but I’m going to evaluate the feasibility of compatibility. And at the very least, make sure that ALK2 doesn’t misbehave when MPE is thrown at it.

Ok, so that was easier than I thought it would be. MPE works; at least with the Roli Block Seaboard, everything functions as expected, and looping via MIDI retains all relevant performance information.

I’ll add that Roli’s aftertouch thingy combined with ALK’s Note Repeat function is a lot of fun and kept me occupied for about an hour when I really should be doing other things :wink:


Such a talented man you are! I will give it a try with my Linnstrument and make a feedback when I get some leisure time.Maybe a week after… Anyway, you are awesome!

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