No audio input signal #SOLVED

Hey guys and gals,

First off I want to say that I just discovered this software and am super happy about it! The concept is just spot on and just what I’m looking for!

However, I’m having issues with getting my audio input to work. I’m using a macbook pro and I have tried both the digital usb input from my Helix/Powercab guitar effect/amp as well as going analogue through my Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface - seemingly all possible combination of sources/inputs/outputs in the preferences and the audio track. No input signal no matter what configuration I gry - or at least nothing shows up in the red/green areas when I’m trying to record.

The outputs section works fine using either usb directly to my powercab, or through the Focusrite Scarelett Solo.

Recording in either of these ways works fine when I’m running Logic, so I don’t think there’s an issue with my input signal as such.

Many thanks for any tips or ideas


It seems there was an issue with the trail version of the software. Once I bought and downloaded the Solo version (a different installer than the trail version) the audio input worked perfectly!

Glad to hear you got it sorted. Sounds like you hadn’t allowed the application access to macOS’s audio input driver

Since Mojave, macOS requires that you allow applications to the machines different hardware devices, such as audio input drivers.

Below is the method for any future users who are stuck:

Go to System Preferences and choose Security & Privacy, then Privacy. Under “Microphone” find ALK and enable it to have access.

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Ah, yes! That must’ve been it! I seem to recall I actually chose “no” when prompted to let the software have access to the built in microphone when I tried the trial version, but choosing “yes” when I installed the Solo version. Never suspected that would imply access to any kind of audio input! Oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello, i’ using MacBook Pro on OS Big Sur and I cannot find ALK2 into Security Microphone preferences…it seems that don’t ask to my computer to use a microphone. I use a Zoom l-8 audio interface, ALK2 seems to detect it, but impossible to hear the microphone when the right input is selected…all the MIDI functions works.

Thank you for the excellent looper!

Best regards, Jonathan