Products similar to zenaudio?

I’m curious if there are any other software the community might be using for similar functionality?

I don’t think there’s anything like it. Let’s hope they sort it out and make it a successful app, it has so much promise.

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Frankly I have no hope for this project anymore. Ableton tweeked with some scripts might do the trick but this is more for geeks. Sorry to see Zenaudio die away

I heard they are working on an Update.

Have you seen this?

Method 2 starting at 6:15 using Ableton looper seems to offer similar options as ALK2 (yet no panic mode?!) … will have to try that (currently 90 days free trial period @ Ableton) since I’m already severely stuck with my ALK2 trial as it does not work properly with MIDI messages to external gear …

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