Public Beta: Fixes for Windows users + new plugin

Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping safe in these troubling times.

After successful private feedback, we’d like to invite Windows users to test our new beta version of ALK2 and Solo. This version includes the following:

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for issue where ALK fails to launch
  • Fix for issue where ALK launches but runs with extreme lag / unresponsiveness
  • CPU improvements
  • Fix for OpenGL issues


  • Added our new Overdrive audio plugin

Please give us any feedback about these fixes and features in this thread. We have more plugins planned but we’d like to get your feedback on the workings of just one first.



Looking forward to hearing from you all and apologies for the delay in these fixes.


Good sign. But what about a mac Version. Most Users work on mac…

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Mac is coming later. At this time the most pressing issues we are seeing are from Windows users.

Hallelujah! So great to hear that you guys are working on the software again :heart:

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Mac is coming later. At this time the most pressing issues we are seeing are from Windows users.

But is there a roadmap/planned release date for Mac update? Do we talk about weeks or months for the update to come?

We’re talking weeks in this case. We’re creating a new build of the Mac version right now.


Have a non-optimized version?


Please email me when you have a non-optimized version.

Thanks so much.

Great to hear from you and this update news, Robin! Can imagine what a nightmare windows apps are compared to mac…Windows definitely will have more takers and get the software more widely used. So good choice to fix the windows issues.

I recently released a Corona Virus parody cover song showcasing the live looping automation

Do take a listen

BTW: My musician friends in India are amazed by the possibilities of what ZenAudio can do. You can expect to see an influx of downloads from India soon.

Here are my first impression on the beta release.

About the new Overdrive audio plugin

  • This is very cool
  • There should be a minimize icon beside the power and remove icon so the plugin take the same place as the other plugins when minimized. This is not a problem now but I guess you will add a lot of other plugins.
  • I guess this is more a “built-in effect” than a “plugin”
  • Can’t wait to see the other “plugins”


Sometimes, the software crashes when I change the audio buffer size. I think this problem was already there in the official release.

Keep on the good work!!

Two audio tracks with Amplitube spike CPU and disable audio. Software looks great conceptually but practically speaking unusable on PC with UAD Arrow.

Hi @Poltad. Thanks for your feedback. Just to clarify, is this a change from the official release of ALK to the beta version?

Hi @RobinHoude

Thanks for your feedback. I’ve passed this on to our lead developer.

Seems to happen with both Beta and latest release. CPU % in both instances goes 30-40 and audio is disabled. I go to audio preferences and reset and then same thing happens a few seconds later.

Midi effects can only be applied to real midi instruments and not to virtual vst midi instruments. It is the same behavior as the official release but I hoped this bug would be fixed in the beta version.

Nice,i will try it! Thanks

“Save as” while filename has accentuated characters make ALK beta crashe. Did not test with the official release.

ALK creates a folder with stragnge name then crashes. (“Première.alk” becomes “Première.alk”)

Hi Robin, any news on the new (mac) build you were creating?


Any news on the Non-Optimized version?