Remove transpose restriction of midi track loops to +/- 1 octave

I use transpose to change the sound of midi drum instruments (hats for example) to a different note (and therefore different drum instrument / sound) during different sections of songs. The +/- 1 octave limit on transpose of a midi loop section unnecessarily restricts the sound choices.

Please remove the +/- 1 octave transpose restriction to open up the available drum instrument choices.


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Hey gaprong,

Would +/-24 semitones work better? We had considered this value initially but ended up going for +/-12 semitones

For maximum flexibility, no restriction would be best except for (I assume) error checking to prevent sending midi messages outside the valid note range (which I assume is 0 to 128).

This is only for midi tracks as audio tracks would probably not shift musically with higher ranges.

For midi drum instruments for example, this means that you can lay down a midi riff but later on translate that riff to an instrument with harder hits in a more energetic section of the song.

The example I had was, for an Addictive Drums kit, closed hats which were then transposed to an open hats instrument with a medium weight during the chorus. I was able to do that within the 12 semi tones range but there were more preferred instrument sounds outside that range.

24 semi tones would be better, but no restriction would be best.

I understand there may be under the hood programming constraints though.

Thanks, Greg.