Requests Upon 1st Impression

I’m 10 days in on the demo and really digging this program. Here are some things I’m finding lacking as I delve deeper:

  1. A mixing board window, like every DAW, so we can see all tracks and parameters and set up/automate our balances

  2. A way to get my foot controller (Softstep 2) to link to common transport functions so I don’t have to have 2 tracks dedicated and program 3 different things just to do 1 thing. For that matter, a template for commonly used controllers that we can just load into our preferences.

  3. A digital counter that displays any combination of real time, current function/section, and section

  4. section markers that can be named (see #3)

more to come but I’m really loving the software - it’s a game changer for me.

Read some of the other forum posts, so you can be aware of the apparent status of this app. Sadly.

I did, and Robin’s replies. Not optimal but I’m proceeding cautiously. It’s a great program with so much potential and, as a live audio track only looper, have found nothing else that does what this does.

  1. already on the big list but, the ability to use without a click so it functions just like a footpedal, free of a tempo grid, with overdub layers or tracks that can sync to each master loop.

  2. a countoff so I don’t have to waste a measure or 2 up front.

  3. a master monitoring track that mutes automatically when loops are in record.

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