Requests Upon 1st Impression

I’m 10 days in on the demo and really digging this program. Here are some things I’m finding lacking as I delve deeper:

  1. A mixing board window, like every DAW, so we can see all tracks and parameters and set up/automate our balances

  2. A way to get my foot controller (Softstep 2) to link to common transport functions so I don’t have to have 2 tracks dedicated and program 3 different things just to do 1 thing. For that matter, a template for commonly used controllers that we can just load into our preferences.

  3. A digital counter that displays any combination of real time, current function/section, and section

  4. section markers that can be named (see #3)

more to come but I’m really loving the software - it’s a game changer for me.

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Read some of the other forum posts, so you can be aware of the apparent status of this app. Sadly.

I did, and Robin’s replies. Not optimal but I’m proceeding cautiously. It’s a great program with so much potential and, as a live audio track only looper, have found nothing else that does what this does.

  1. already on the big list but, the ability to use without a click so it functions just like a footpedal, free of a tempo grid, with overdub layers or tracks that can sync to each master loop.

  2. a countoff so I don’t have to waste a measure or 2 up front.

  3. a master monitoring track that mutes automatically when loops are in record.

  1. A more intuitive way to set audio track levels. When I use the popup window on the left, the level is measured from -50.0db - +20.0 db. When automating the level with a control track the measurement is 0.00 - 1.00. They should use the same scale of measurement. It’s always a guess to find unity gain that matches up with the fader in the popup window and adjusting from there is also a lot of trial and error until it I find what I want.
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Agree 100%. It’s definitely more difficult than it needs to be to set proper volume levels in a command or control track.
In the meantime, here’s a basic guide and chart to convert actual db to command/control track volume scale for anyone who hasn’t done the math yet.

  • -50db = 0
  • -45db = .0715
  • -40db = .143
  • -35db = .2145
  • -30db = .286
  • -25db = .3575
  • -20db = .429
  • -15db = .5005
  • -10db = .572
  • -5db = .6435
  • 0db = .715
  • +5db = .7865
  • +10db = .858
  • +15db = .9295
  • +20db = 1

Each db is 0.0143 in the command/control track volume scale.


Thank you Ed. This is great

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  1. A way to globally assign new inputs so that, every time I use a different in/out box, I don’t have to go through each audio track in each one of my songs and reassign individually.

  2. a menu to choose which tracks I can view (or not) so I can expand and focus on the ones I’m working with at any given time without the clutter of a full screen of many track;

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  1. A function/command to lock all tracks and form without locking the performance. i.e. - I want to be able to set the form in stone so there’s no “oops” where I accidentally swipe with a mouse or hit an erase or some other command and change the form of a song I’ve programmed, but still can record new performances. This should be a global command for each song//file, not a track by track feature.
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I think I saw you were a Mac user? I would definitely recommend using an ‘Aggregate Device’ in the Audio MIDI Setup to solve this problem. Then you should be able to swap in different interfaces into the Aggregate Device and ALK2 will not see any difference.

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Observation: When using Waves plugins, the AU version works but the VST doesn’t - the graphics are all wacky. It isn’t a terrible issue for me as I’m a DP/AU person. Also, the Bypass button on the plugins doesn’t appear at all. If I want to bypass, I have to go to the track window and toggle the power switch next to the plugin. A minor inconvenience, but still.