Rewire Feature Request


I’m purchasing tonight ALK (right now I’m in the office). Only one question which is important to me: is there any hope to see in the future reWire feature? I’m a MAX MSP user and I’d like to route sound from my patches to ALK.

Thank you and congratulations!


We’re thrilled to hear that you intend to purchase ALK :slight_smile:

There are a couple of ways synchronisation between ALK and Max MSP can be achieved. To be honest, we were leaning more towards Ableton Link, which seems to a have been gaining a lot of traction recently. We’re planning to implement this in the medium term (next 6 months, probably earlier).

Is there a particular reason you need ReWire, and not Ableton Link?

I didn’t know about link until a minute ago. I’d say link works on the net so for a one man band with just one laptop I guess it would be possible to route the signal from and to user assigned Ip addresses, one on the max msp link output object and one assigned to ALK. However rewire is made just for the purpose to send audio signals within a system so is simpler to use and setup with your own software rig.

Anyway I’m glad to hear you have items on the planning board to come. I don’t think I’ll jam soon with somebody, I’m wondering to play live only with my own being.
Tonight I’ll grab the ALK.

Thanks for the reply and don’t forget reWire!
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I’m afraid it’s true – does require Sierra. I realise that upgrading is painful for some people, but supporting a version that in three months is going to be two versions out is not something we can commit to given our resources.

I upgraded and installed ALK. I’d like to say that it has a pretty cool interface and it is very easy to use. I was trying to find automation feature on the tracks but after reading all the manual I saw ALK does not have that feature. Will be implemented in future?

During my performances to gain time I would record loops and listening in my headphones without sending them to master output. That because the loop I’m recording belong to a further part in the song and doesn’t need to be heard while I’m recording it. With automation of the master volume under the tracks would be easy to achieve.
I wait for your feedback on this.

Anyway great work! I hope ALK becomes very very diffused in the loopers world.

I’ve been using ALK for an hour, and it crashed twice.

Here the ALK set-up:
-one vst instrument track with Romi Equator and the seaboard rise linked to it via midi over bluetooth. On this track 2 vet effects: Zynaptiq Wormhole and Valhalla Room.

This what happened:
I wrote a record loop and a play sequence on the Equator track, then I started to record and when it started looping to crashed.

I hope you can solve this issue.


I didn’t receive any feedback yet on the crashing issue I’m encountering. Is this a known issue?

Sorry about the delay in replying. We’ve indeed been working very hard at dealing with the stability issues encountered by our users. The current version, v1.0.18, addresses some of the worst issues, and there are some more fixes that I intend to release today.

Your last email reporting the bug was on the 28th; there have been some very big fixes since then. Have you tried out v1.0.18? To use the latest version, simply start ALK, literally wait a few minutes, and then shut down and restart. It auto-updates, so when you restart and go the “About ALK” menu option, you should see the new version listed.

Again, I apologise for the issues in stability and I can assure you this has our full and complete attention. I am very confident we can improve the stability to the point where it’s no longer an issue in the next 2-4 weeks. Until then all I can do is to ask for your patience

Just one question: I read the manual but I couldn’t find how to write automation to parameters.

How do I make it?

It’s not in the manual yet unfortunately. How you do it depends on two things:

  1. Do you want to automate a on/off signal (like mute) or a continuous signal (like volume)?

  2. Do you want to perform the automation live (using a pedal, midi rotary encoder, etc.) or do you want to ‘draw’ it before the performance?

Automation in ALK always exists in its own track. So you will need to create an automation track. If you answered question 1 with ‘on/off’, you need a ‘command automation track’. Otherwise, you need a control automation track. Both of these tracks are created in the same way: you click on the ‘+’ button on the bottom-left of the screen.

If you want to perform your automation, you’ll need to define a source. Click the track leader or type ‘tt’ to make the track panel appear. Next click on the learn button, and follow the instructions that appear.

Next you will draw the automation region. In ALK all automation is associated with a time interval during which the automation is applied. Just as you can draw record/play loops with CMD/alt + mouse drags, you can do the same with performed/scripted automation.

Automation you perform is called captured automation and had a yellow outline. Automation that you draw ie script had a light blue outline. Once you have drawn the appropriate region, you route it to destination and either choose the value sent or draw the automation (for scripted control automation) by clicking on the small button which looks like a curve, which toggles between routing and curve drawing mode.
Let me know if you have any problems with this

Thanks for the tips.

I just can’t find how to write automation on a control track. That button which toggles between line and curve where is it?

Before I answer: I’ve just released a new version: v1.0.19, which has many fixes and improvements. It’s literally just been released this moment, so follow the same instructions I gave you last time to make sure you’re getting it!

There is no curve for scripted control track. Instead, there is a text box right next to the destination parameter box:

When the value that you wish to automate is continuous, it looks like this:

Here you type the value you that you want to have when you enter the region. You can make the value you’re automating go back to the value it found when it entered the region by using the automation region’s menu:

Hope this helps! Also – any problems, please let me know!