Routing with one instrument

I know it’s possible but what is the best way to add multiple audio tracks with the same instrument/mic in order to stack the loops ?
and by the way, how to avoid the sound of each new track being added to the others when using a single instrument?
I’m playing cello with DPA microphone
Thank you

You would just have multiple audio tracks set to the same input channels. As long as your record sections don’t overlap you should be ok. As you build up tracks/loops you can use the control tracks to lower the volume of any track.

Thank you !
So each track input is the same input (DPA MIC) and each track output is Master, is it right ?

Yes that’s right. If you ever want to play without looping, just use the record loops without any play loops after it (like I have with the Intro and Solo parts).

Thank you very much !