Save and restore not working (!)

This is a really BIG problem - save and restore apparently does not work as projects grow larger!!!

Here’s what I did:

… prepared a ton of MIDI type 0 zero clips as suggested by frappers (Hi guys. Still no playlist?) because ALK2 keeps forgeting/reseting MIDI prg and CC whenever you add a new one MIDI message.

… loaded these MIDI clips one by one (which is still a very cumbersome process because it puts each clip a time 0 and adds 2 tracks which you have to delete manually)

… tested virtually every clip that it does work with the external gear and each one did (!!)

… then I started to extend the project by adding the first audio tracks …

NOW after closing and opening the project all MIDI clips have stopped working. No MIDI messages are send out (I did check with BOME MIDI logging). It is not a MIDI routing problem because every new clip I add again works but all the 50+ in the project are dead :frowning:

Now what? Start over or walk away?

I did go back and loaded each intermediate file I had saved, having to realize that the problem already happened at an earlier stage while the project was still actually very small. (No audio tracks yet)

This one worked fine:

Here adding MIDI clips to the top row track somehow corrupted the content of all other tracks except the first 2 MIDI tracks. I have no clue why??

In the next revision these top 2 MIDI tracks are also corrupted.

All files would be available for debugging …

How do you check in Bome? Do you change the Output Device on a track to a Bome virtual port?
Your output device isn’t greyed-out?
When you closed and re-opened, was that after a restart, or same session?

When reopened, it was opening different files without closing ALK2.

But same behaviour after restart / reboot.

I used BOMEs virtual MIDI ports right from the start and forward all MIDI messages from BOME to the hardware ports (so I can monitor and translate if necessary as I have done with other audio software in the past to circumnavigate the problem of different port names when moving projects to different PCs).


ALK2 also seems to have a problem with MIDI port configuration: I tried to disable all MIDI ports except BOME virtual port1 (BMT1) for MIDI OUT and BOME virtual port 2 (BMT2) from MIDI IN but it keeps coming back with other MIDI ports enabled …

Is there some xml config file somewhere that I could edit to enable only the ports I need in ALK2?

Despite disabling all ports show in ALK2 (which I would not care if it still worked reliably)

Some more info:
When I copy the files from the midi folder of the working project into the corrupted one, many MIDI clips start to work again (looks like most of them, but not all, hard to tell since its 50+ firing in parallel) and with MIDI files having generic names it’s impossible to tell which is which …

So it looks like I could restore some of those lost MIDI prg chg and CCs (and backup the files up manually to a different directory)

YET (!!!) and here comes the thing that really puzzles me - the internal midi files are MODIFIED / REWRITTEN EVERY TIME you OPEN (!!!) the project (files are modified according to windows file attributes). WHY would anybody want to do that??? So you can have a working project saved and you potentially corrupt it when opening??? That is really weird …

So even without clicking save, your project gets modified in the background … and something like that is considered reliable for live use???

I went through it again => 100% reproducible bug !!!

You got about 50 working MIDI clips in the project => you import 20 more (drag 5 files at a time, rearrange, delete empty tracks) => save => earlier MIDI clips corrupted, not longer sending data

When restoring the broken 50 from a previously working project => all 70 MIDI clips work => Save As to new location => project corrupted again …

(since MIDI clips are “rewritten” virtually with any action like import or adding tracks, etc. the corruption can basically happen anytime)