Sell me your license?

Hey everybody! After being able to use the demo recently I realize that ALK works perfectly fine for my purposes. Since I can’t purchase from them directly, if you’re interested in selling your license definitely let me know.



Hi, buddy I’ll DM you

Also looking for a license if anyone is interested.

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Hi, just checking emecampuzano, did you sell your licence?

Hey Mark, yes he did. I hope ZenAudio eventually notices the demand for their software even as is.


Yup it’s a fine software

Hi Rooney, I have a license, DM me if you’re interested

I’m also interested in a license if someone else wants to sell!

HI, I do continue to work with my program, on a dedicated computer that I do not update. Alk2 is just the only software that works easily and smooth for me, so I keep using it. Sorry… Enrico

I could sell. My email is I haven’t figured out how this forum thing works. I’m pretty visually impaired.

hi, i’d also be interested in getting some full working license as i think it would fit perfectly into my live setup. please contact me if you’re willing to sell yours…