Sending SysEx to external Hardware

Hello, I’m finishing up a project where I found it necessary to send SysEx messages to a Roli Seaboard Rise. In one of Martin’s older replies on the forum, he says that ALK has the ability to send SysEx to hardware. However, I’ve tried everything and can’t figure out how to do this. I have the SysEx code, I’ve been able to successfully send it from MaxMSP, MOTU Digital Performer, and Midi Monitor, but getting it INTO ALK, and getting it to transmit is a mystery. I’ve tried creating single-line .mid files and importing them into MIDI tracks, but nothing seems to work. Could Martin or someone in the know explain how this is done?

Here’s the quote, from Martin, back in 2017:
“By the way, another undocumented feature is the ability to output to MIDI hardware. So you can not only use MIDI controllers, you can also send messages – including sysex (which Ableton doesn’t handle) – to hardware.”