Setup and best sound card for zen audio

Hey guys I’m brand new to Zen Audio and was wondering what the best sound card is for compatibility with Zen. I’ll be running vocals, bass, keyboard, & guitars through it. My main goal is to be able to loop for live performances…

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I would recomend you to pick sound card with lot of inputs and outputs(to send audio signal for sound engineer in live situation) All audio interfaces should work without any problems with alk2. It depends what is your budget, but my pick would be:

  • Rme fireface 802
  • Audient id44 with aditional adat preamps
  • Universal audio apollo x8
  • Antelope audio(all should work for you, but you might need additional adat preamps)

Those are one of the bests in proffesional audio world, but you can chech cheaper options like focusrite Scarlett 18i20

Thank you so much for the advice and help!


Hi, I am also fresh in using Alk2 but have done quite som work tu connect, record and play 7 audio instruments and vocals. I am preparing a live show for December. I hired a sound engineer to explore the best options and, in fact, I use a Soundcraft Signature 22 USB mixing board.
For me, the advantage of using a large mixing table is the individuals channels I can use to get out, while sing only one per instrument to connect.
For exemple, I have one channel to connect my violin, but two out channels, according if I play rhythm or solo. The dans for the guitar, etc. Doing this avoids overcharging a channel and I have a real band sound and feel.
Advantage of a mixing board vs a card: full “hand” control. I try to avoid too much digital display. I also use one Separate channel and aux monitor For the beginning count-in and click track. Soundcraft Signature 22 allows for 5 individual aux returns.

I have addressed some bugs in Alk2 (sometimes no sound on a out channel, even though the track is recorded). In this case, just close the program and start again. Never had a problem playing back a song. I love this program, could not find a better one for my personal use with 7 audio instruments (piano, bass, ac guitar, el guitar, mandolin, drums, vocals.


Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and advice! I am going to try something similar.
Good luck with your show in December. I hope I can see some footage of it!


Hi Myron, thanks for the reply. Yes, I will have the performance filmed. But before I will make some clips and share them :slight_smile:

Nice! Looking forward to seeing them! :slight_smile: